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Kafka reset consumer group offset programmatically

Looking at Kafka's consumers' offsets. Kafka has quite evolved since some times. Its consuming model is very powerful, can greatly scale, is quite simple to understand. It has never changed from a external point of view, but internally, it did since Kafka 0.9, and the appearance of the __consumer_offsets . Before that, consumers offsets were.

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A typical source for Projections is messages from Kafka. Akka Projections supports integration with Kafka using Alpakka Kafka. The KafkaSourceProvider uses consumer group assignments from Kafka and can resume from offsets stored in a database. Akka Projections can store the offsets from Kafka in a relational DB with JDBC or in relational DB.

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consumer.subscribe (Arrays.asList ("some-topic")); and consumer.assign (Arrays.asList (partition)); Do similar job except for one detail -. "subscribe" allocates the topic to the consumer which belongs to a consumer group. The usual usage pattern for offsets stored outside of Kafka is as follows: Run the consumer with autoCommit disabled. Store.

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Topic Properties –. This command gives three information –. Partition count. Replication factor: ‘1’ for no redundancy and higher for more redundancy. Replicas and in-sync replicas (ISR): Broker ID’s with partitions and which replicas are current. bin/kafka-topics.sh --describe --zookeeper localhost:2181 --topic test.

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At-most-once Kafka Consumer (Zero or More Deliveries) At-most-once consumer is the default behavior of a KAFKA consumer. To configure this type of consumer: Set ‘.

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